Is Vycki Right for Me?

As your travel advisor, I will research and recommend properties, excursions, activities, and more, based on information I gather during our various discussions. I will search flights for the best value, taking both travel time and cost into consideration. I will handle the booking and confirming for you. I will be just a phone call away during travel in case any issues arise. And, if a problem does occur, I am already intimately familiar with your trip because I planned it. I am not just the "next available agent" reading notes on a computer screen. I will also stay abreast of any passport, travel visa, and health requirements for both the destination and re-entry into the US, so you don't have to.


The internet is full of great booking engines. I use some of them myself. However, they are a tool to be used when researching and booking travel. They are not going to get to know you, feel out what you are looking for, and do the research for you. Some also do not offer 24-hour in-travel support 


It really comes down to what services you are looking for. If you are comfortable researching, planning, and booking your trip yourself, as well as handling issues that arise during travel, as many people are, then working with a travel advisor may not be worth it to you. However, if you are looking for some to take on those responsibilities for you, then the additional costs will be well worth it.

Money Matters

I am always very upfront about money and fees.  Most travel agents/advisors earn money from commissions paid by suppliers (such as cruise lines and resorts), by charging fees, or a through a combination of both.

Charging fees also allows me the flexibility to not allow the commission offered to me by a particular vendor to be the driving force for why I recommend something. I always want to recommend the cruise line, hotel, tour, etc., that I feel is best for you, not the one that will pay me the most commission.

During our initial consultation, as I learn more about the trip you are looking for, I will be able to judge if I feel the commissions from the suppliers will be sufficient to compensate me.  You will leave the initial meeting knowing whether I need to charge a fee or not, and what that fee will be.